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We will see builders on site at the West End of Christ Church any time from now.  Our contractor, ASH, will be preparing the site through August and building the West Wing foundations from the beginning of September.  It is going to be thrilling to see it take shape. 

At the Church Council a few days ago we discussed how we were all likely to respond financially once the building work gets under way.  Will we be energised to give, seeing that our gifts are making a real difference?  Or would many assume that because we have started, we are home and dry and don’t need to give any more?  I think (and hope!) that the first possibility is more likely.  Anyhow, the church council agreed that it was important to keep everyone in the financial picture as we go along.

Where are we right now?  The projected remaining expenditure to complete the project will be £682k.  We currently have £535k in hand that had been specifically given to the project.  Meanwhile, pledges are coming in, and we trust they will continue to do so.   

We are still anticipating £17k from the first round of pledges made back in 2016.  Then, in the recent appeal from earlier this year, we are awaiting £88k.  We must pray for one another, that our Father in heaven will enable us to fulfil these pledges soon. The Diocese has promised to commit £25k to the project. We can add to that some reclaimed tax of a further £25k.

So the funds received and pledged, £690k, are just enough to meet the project cost. I want to assure the church family that we have legacies and other general funds that are available in reserve.  However, on the other hand, project costs can rise and it is best if we were able to pay for the project out of direct giving. 

As the West End becomes a building site the possibilities of the West Wing annexe will materialise before our eyes.  This is very exciting, and I believe there will be an upsurge of prayerful and financial support. 


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