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Vicar’s Column

Happy Easter to everyone in the Christ Church family.  Many thanks to everyone who has worked hard to make the past few days special.  I hope that – by the Spirit’s power – the joy of today will lift us all.  I hope that we will understand the resurrection more deeply and believe it more firmly than ever.    

There have been lots of brilliant people in history, lots of self-sacrificing heroes.  Even if Jesus had not been raised from the dead, he would be foremost amongst them.  But in rising from the dead, there is no one else in his league.  He offers what no one else can; indeed, he offers what no one else dares claim to offer!

He offers hope.  Death is not a dead end.  And we don’t need to resort to the kinds of platitudes and clichés offered by the well-meaning bereavement card industry.  The ‘better place’ that too many speak of with mere wishful thinking has a unique face, name and access point: Jesus.   

He offers knowledge.  Some people set much store by those who have had near death experiences, or experiences of being clinically dead for a few moments.  They are treated as experts.  Their stories may be informative, or they may not be.  Jesus is the definitive authority.  He has gone beyond and come back to tell us!        

He offers justice.  We cry out for justice in an unfair world.  It is so unfair that the wicked seem to sleep as peacefully in their graves as their victims.  But the grave is no hiding place from Jesus.  His resurrection guarantees that everyone will meet him as judge.    

He offers relationship.  Other teachers of the past only ‘live on’ in their writing.  And it’s true, Jesus does meet us in the Bible’s accounts of him.  But as we read, we find that he is alive and at large to meet us now.  We can know the risen Jesus present with us, and nothing can take an undying friend away.


All glory to him this Easter!   

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