Pew news 25th March 2018

Vicar’s Column

Do you know what it means to preach the gospel to yourself?  It means telling yourself the good news of Jesus in a way that is relevant to whatever your situation at the time. 

The gospel – the good news – is that through Jesus’ death and resurrection, God has made it possible for us to know him and receive the life of his Holy Spirit.  It’s a gift, so it doesn’t depend on who we are or anything we have accomplished.  This message is a source of refreshment, hope and life we can never exhaust.  We need to preach it to ourselves.

Feeling insecure?  The gospel says Jesus died and rose for you, has set you right with God, and if he is for you, who can be against you.  Mucked up?  God knows, yet you are forgiven and accepted through Jesus’ death and resurrection.  Top of the world?  Praise him; it’s just a taster of what Jesus died and rose to give you   

The good news that rings out from the Easter events – Jesus’ death and resurrection – can transform any life and any situation.  So as celebrate those events this coming week, apply your mind.  Make it your aim to understand them so well and believe them so deeply that you can preach them to yourself every day.    

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