Pew news 29th April 2018

It’s a great joy to welcome Richard and Pam Bewes here today.  Richard has preached here a few of times before, and I always look forward to his visits. 

I recommend his most recent book: Under the Thorn Tree: when revival comes.  We have copies available for sale after the service.  It is full of inspirational stories of moments in history when God’s purposes have seemed to catch alight.  Richard himself grew up witnessing the great East African revival.  He illustrates Biblical truth so vividly that it comes alive.  I’d be surprised at anyone reading the book and not asking, “Lord send a revival, and start it with me!” 

The book shows that real revival is never a matter of whipping up hysteria.  It doesn’t come by formulas or techniques.  The revival is Jesus himself.  Revival begins as a person sees the biblical Jesus and grasps meaning of his death and resurrection more fully and personally.       

We are now in the swing of a new Christianity Explored Course.  Last Tuesday we were focussing on Jesus’ identity.  It revived me!  As we read Mark’s gospel together we saw Jesus’ sheer authority: authority to teach; authority over sickness, nature, death; authority to forgive sin.  Who is he?  Everything points to his identity as the fully divine Son of God.  He is our maker in human form, expressing an unstoppable determination to address our deepest needs.  And we haven’t got onto his death and resurrection yet!

We ended the session stressing what I want us all to know for sure today: what Jesus was, he still is!  If he was the living God, he remains the living God, as determined to restore and save us as he was then.  The biblical Jesus is real history; the same Jesus is today’s good news too, with power to revive by his Spirit. 

Faith stagnant?  Hope stuck?  Love shrivelled?  Go to Jesus, and ask for revival to begin in you.


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