Christ Church Parish Fun Run 2018 - Event Information

Christ Church Fun Run


Saturday 24 March 2018


2pm start


Congratulations for signing up for this event!


Please take a few minutes to read these instructions to ensure your safety and the smooth running of the event


  • The ‘race’ starts at 2pm; we would advise you to arrive in good time to sign in and prepare. The runners will be set off first and the ‘funners’ shortly after


  • There is an optional warm-up at 1.45pm


  • Roads are NOT CLOSED for this event; please take care when crossing the roads and only cross where directed by the marshals


  • Maps are available, the route is marked and is on our website


  • There are NO WATER STATIONS along the route


  • If you run into any difficulties along the way please speak to one of the marshals. This is especially important if you decide not to complete the course


  • Please SIGN IN before the race, warm up [if appropriate] and SIGN IN when you return—this is vital so we won’t be sending out a search party for you


  • There will be photographers along the route so enjoy yourself and SMILE for the camera!


  • Refreshments are served in the church at the end of the event so please join us and relax those weary limbs


  • There will be a presentation of prizes once the majority of racers have completed the course


  • All children under 12 MUST be within arms reach of a parent/ guardian throughout the course


  • Complete the 10th Anniversary Flag Hunt for a small prize and don’t forget to catch the monkey if you can.                                       




Fun Run 2018
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