Pew news 12th May 2019

Last Wednesday we held a day of prayer.  In hour-long sessions spread throughout the day, those who came prayed for as many areas of church life as we could think of. 

For me, the highlight of prayer days like this is to hear everyone who is part of Christ Church prayed for by name.  Throughout the day, we pray our way through a list on which I try to include everyone involved in the church.  We tick off names as they have been prayed for – not to limit the number of prayers for a particular person, but to make sure everyone is covered by the end of the day.  I love to hear those at the different sessions during the day praying for fellow church members. 

It is a great encouragement to hear the warmth and gratitude expressed to God for others in the church family.  I wish that everyone knew the appreciation with which their names were mentioned and the thoughtful prayers expressed to God for them!  It would lift the spirits of everyone here.

When St Paul told his friends he was praying for them, he usually went further: 

He told highlighted the qualities of theirs for he especially thanked God: faith and love (Eph 1:15-16), fellowship (Phil 1:4-5), spiritual gifts (1 Cor 1:4-7), growth (2 Thes 1:3), influence (Rom 1:8).  This must have been deeply encouraging.

He also told them what he asked God to give them.  Very often the goal in mind was for more of the very qualities for which he gave thanks.  You’ll see if you follow up some of the prayers that follow the verses just mentioned. 

I urge us to imitate his practice so that the whole church will be built up and encouraged.  Pray for others in the fellowship – not just when they are in particular need, but as a matter of course.  Pray with thanks and with longing for them to grow in Jesus Christ.  And go a step even further: as the opportunity arises, tell others what you have been praying.