Pew news 14th April 2019

God purchased the church with his own blood (Acts 20:28).  That is the measure of the value he places upon us, not just as individual believers, but as a body.  The Son of God bled and died to redeem us from sin, death and judgement, us as a community of his people, not just us as a collection of separate entities.  Let’s fix that at the forefront of our minds today and in the week ahead. 

We need to let it inform today’s annual church meeting.  As we discuss the formal detail of church life, bear in mind what we are handling: God values this church family at an infinite price!

We also need to let it underpin our Easter celebrations.  Yes, Jesus submitted himself to death for me as one lost, sinful person.  But his bigger aim was to bring lost, sinful me into loving fellowship with you, and you with me.  The events of Holy Week not only tell me how much God loves me, they tell me how much he loves you too.  How, then, can we not love one another? 

Let this startling truth renew our attitudes and purify our actions towards one another: God paid by nothing less than his own blood for us to live together in true love.