Pew news 21st April 2019

Happy Easter everyone!  Jesus has been raised from the dead, never to die again.  Death doesn’t have the last word any more.  Everyone will meet him after death.  Some, as their judge. But everyone who trusts in him and loves him can look forward with all their hearts to embracing him as Saviour.  He will then raise us to the same glorious life he now lives, our bodies and our characters entirely renewed by the power of the Spirit who raised him at the first Easter.     

It was disturbing to see the live footage of the terrible fire in Paris last Monday. Notre Dame Cathedral has stood for 900 years, and at one stage it looked like it might be entirely ruined.  Thankfully that’s not how it ended.  Much was saved, and the French President says that the landmark will be rebuilt in five years. 

The whole scene made me think of Jesus’ challenge to his opponents.  “Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days” (John 2:19).

His Jewish opponents assumed he was referring to the temple in Jerusalem, a building every bit as iconic as Notre Dame and with an even longer history.  The most recent rebuilding scheme had taken 46 years to complete!  But Jesus was talking about the temple of his own body – the ultimate temple, the place where heaven and earth, God and mankind meet.  He says to them, “Go on, kill me; and I will rise in three days!”

On Easter Day we are here to declare that he is indeed raised.  He is the true temple, the one true meeting place between heaven and earth.  And death cannot touch him now.  Neither fire nor flood nor anything else in all creation can wreck our Temple.  Come to him, then, in worship, praise and unassailable security.