Pew news 22nd September 2019

I would like to welcome little Greta Singarjova and her parents, Dani and Andrew as she is baptised today.  We will all be praying that this occasion marks a new beginning for the whole family.

We also celebrate Harvest this morning.  We will be taking an offering of food for Bexley Food Bank.  Please hang onto whatever you might bring until the children come around the church during the service and bring it forward. In addition, today is our “icing on the cake” gift day for the West Wing, a final opportunity to give to the project as we furnish it for future use.

This is going to be my last Sunday in church for a few weeks.  I am taking a mini-sabbatical until 2nd November to recharge my batteries.  I will be here in Sidcup most of the time, reading a bit and catching up with friends and colleagues I don’t often get to see. 

I have a couple of short trips planned.  I’m going to visit friends in Lebanon for a few days.  I will also go up to Whitehaven, where I was a curate, to catch up with friends, lakes and fells.  You’ll see my family in church most Sundays, but I will visit some other fellowships.  It will be good for me to do what, as a parish minister, it is not easy to do – to see other churches in action.          

Please don’t feel you need to ignore me if you see me around the High Street!  But I’d be grateful not to be told or asked about church matters – not because I don’t care, but because I care so much I’ll find it hard to stay switched off!

I’m grateful that our service leader and preacher team are covering me, and for the local clergy who are helping with Communion services.  With Kelly Newman in the office and totally reliable Church Wardens, everything is in good hands.  I will be praying for Christ Church to grow in my absence.  Please pray for me too.