Pew news 23rd June 2019

This is a celebration weekend at Christ Church.  God has been faithful to us, leading us to (nearly!) complete the West Wing.  I hope everyone – for we have all played a part – feels overjoyed at what has been created and excited to see it used for Jesus’ glory in the future. 

I have been thinking about a very uplifting verse from Ephesians: “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do” (Ephesians 2:10).  It is full of important teaching, and inspiration. We learn that God is not ultimately building buildings, but a community of people.  We are his workmanship.

We also learn how God has created this master work.  He has done it “in Christ Jesus”. 

When a person puts their trust in him, an unseen union is established.  God joins us to Jesus as members of his body.  Picture him as the head, and ourselves as the members of his body.  His resurrection life flows into us by the Holy Spirit.  So everyone who trusts in him is raised to share his life. 

This cannot be just a private individual experience.  If we all have a living connection to Jesus, we must also be united to everyone else who is joined to him – hence the international, all-age community came into being, known as the Church.   

Why has God created the church?  He has prepared good works for us to do together.  He has prewritten great stories of his growing Kingdom for us to take part in – stories like the building of the West Wing.  At the time we don’t necessarily realise that it’s all God’s doing.  We muddle along and did what seems right as we go.  Yet later we marvel: “It was his idea and his power all along!”

I am inspired to wonder at what good works he has prepared for us to do with the West Wing, now he has empowered us to build it.  All glory to him!