Pew news 01st September 2019

Here we go!  It’s September, and normal church life resumes after the summer – at the same time as in schools and workplaces.  Jesus has plans for us in every area of life.  Plenty happening here too. 

First, a very special welcome to Alicia Vergin.  Alicia is from northern Germany.  She is going to be working for CRIBS during her gap year between school and further study.  As part of her programme, she will be based at Christ Church and helping in our children’s and youth work.  Alicia, you are very welcome!

Then, I’d like to urge as many as possible to join in our September course: Prayer – who, why, what, how?  If God renews our prayer life, there is no limit to what wonderful things may happen.  Details inside. 

Next, feeling Christmassy yet?  You will by December 14th, when we will perform the Nativity.  We would love to include a good number of people who have not taken part before – both to keep the production fresh and to give others the privilege of enacting the glorious story.  There’s a read through, with provisional casting, on Monday 14th October.  Rehearsals will be on Monday nights, starting after half term. 

Here’s something else that’s coming up: I’m taking a month off!  Clergy are encouraged to take a three-month Sabbatical every seven years or so.  I’ve always resisted the idea, but wisdom has got the better of me.  A full three-month break would take a while to plan but, at short notice, I’ve been able to arrange to be off from Wed 25th September to the beginning of November.  I thank God for the provision – mainly within the church – of such excellent cover.  More details to follow.

This Autumn we will also be welcoming back evangelist Rico Tice to speak at a dinner on 21st September.  We’ll be advertising for a full-time Youth Minister, completing the upgrade on the PA system and beginning to use the West Wing.  With all this activity, we really need to pray……did I mention the prayer course?