Pew news 09th June 2019

It’s Pentecost today.  Fifty days after Jesus rose from the dead and ten days after he ascended into heaven, he sent the Spirit to empower his church in mission towards the ends of the earth.  The Spirit’s arrival was signified by the rushing of a violent wind and flames of fire.  They symbolise God’s own being, power and purity.  From the Day of Pentecost onwards at point onwards, the church has had God’s empowering presence in her midst, always and everywhere. 

When Jesus was physically present with his disciples in Galilee and Jerusalem, he couldn’t be in Sidcup at the same time, as well as New Zealand and China.  Now, by the Spirit, he is with his people everywhere.  And he wants to empower us outwards.

We already have the most important thing we need to reach out.  In a couple of weeks, we will have a fine new facility in the form of the West Wing.  This will help us share the good news of Jesus. 

We hope to have an assistant minister/ youth worker in place soon – though we have not yet been able to appoint.  That will increase our impact too. However, we have had the Spirit of God amongst us all along.  Dare we act on that amazing reality?    

Some Christians are waiting for the empowerment, equipping and opportunity for sharing their faith to land in their laps.  They put off evangelism until that longed-for future day.  But Pentecost has happened.  So step out boldly.  Ask a friend if they would like to hear about Jesus who means so much to you.  As we do that, we will discover the Spirit’s power helping us communicate and persuading others that Jesus is real.

You can stand stock still in front of one of those moving walkways at the airport forever, hoping that soon you will feel power beneath your feet to carry you forward.  The power is there.  But we have to step out in faith.  As soon as we get going, making a real attempt to share the good news with others, the Spirit will carry us along.  Pentecost guarantees it.