Pew news 21st July 2019

God wants to use you!  He loves you, and he has included you in his plans to build his kingdom in this world.  Do you believe it?  I long for all of us – myself included – to know this to be true from the depths of our hearts.  Note, not just in our minds but with a settled inner conviction that fills our lives with confidence and joy.

What might prevent that happening?  There are two lies we must refuse to accept, one about God and the other about ourselves. 

Lie no. 1 says “God is a tyrant and he’s out to criticise me”.  That thought might get us working for God, but that work will be driven by fear.  It’s a slave’s mindset: fear of punishment, resentment of lost freedom and despair of ever pleasing the hard taskmaster. 

We are not God’s slaves!  Everyone who trusts in Jesus, the Son of God, has been adopted as a son or daughter of God.  We share in Jesus’ family privileges.  His Spirit and his inheritance is ours.     

Human fathers inevitably fall short of God’s fatherhood, some by a long way.  Ask God the Father to show you his Fatherly love, both in black and white Bible truth and in Spirit-given experience.  Let him rebuild the foundations of your life on these unchanging truths and convince you that he is not a tyrant out to criticise you, but a Father determined to bless you.

Lie no. 2 says: “I’m a nobody!”  And in ourselves there isn’t much to boast about.  But our loving Father has not treated you as nobodies!  He has paid an infinite price for us – the blood of Jesus.  He has given us his own Holy Spirit to live in us.  He has called us to serve him as part of a royal priesthood. 

A nobody?  If we believe that about ourselves, we will attempt nothing for God – until fear and guilt terrify us into action.  But God is not a tyrant out to criticise us, and we are not nobodies.  He loves us and wants to use us.  Convinced of that, we can offer ourselves entirely to his service.  We can expect great things to happen when we step out for him and be sure that we are quite safe in his hands.