Pew news 30th June 2019

“What the Church needs today is not improved techniques, not new organisations, or novel methods, but people the Holy Spirit can use – people of prayer, people who are mighty in prayer.  The Holy Spirit does not flow through methods, but through people.  He does not anoint plans but people – men and women of prayer”.

E.M. Bounds wrote those words in 1910.  They are still relevant.  Perhaps they apply even more urgently in this digital age than they did 100 years ago.  It seems that the more skillfully we are able to manage, organize and control our lives through technology, the less need the church feels for God himself.  Prayer withers in this spiritual climate.  It’s neglected, while God’s people busily seek out the latest ministry manual.             

We all long for our church to be increasingly useful to Jesus.  That means we need to grow in prayer: individually, in marriages and families, in fellowship groups and as a whole church.  

So, in September, we will be running a four-week course on prayer.  It’s called: Prayer: The Four Essential Questions.  Details will follow over the summer.  The reason I raise it now is to enlist your help. 

I want to make sure the course is helpful and addresses the real challenges and problems we face with prayer.  What prevents us praying?  What confusions make it harder?

I also want to include good ideas and suggestions about what has helped you grow in prayer.  So would you mind giving me some feedback?  Ideally, please, email me or put something down on paper – even if you tell me face to face as well.  That will help me to process the feedback and make sure it shapes the course content. 

And – unsurprisingly! – I ask for your prayers.  Please pray that these sessions will not only help us talk about prayer but fire us up actually to pray.